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Tying Up a 4200 Ton Ship, Quickly

On a route that only gives 45 minutes to offload and load passengers and vehicles, how do the Alaska ferries quickly secure the ship to the dock?

Tying the Taku to the dock makes use of centuries-old and last-century technology. It still works very well.

The light heaving line has a Monkey's Fist knot on one end. The other end is tied to another line, and that is tied to the heavy hawser line. The hawser secures the boat to the dock.

The deckhand coiling the heaving line for a clean throw from the bow of the Alaska Marine Highway ferry "Taku".

Throwing the heaving line over the dock.

Pulling the heavy hawser across.

Slipping the hawser loop over a bollard.

The hawser is given a few wraps around the windlass, and the windlass is turned on to snug the Taku to the dock.

This is also going on in the stern of the ship. The crew on the ship's bridge makes sure that the lines are brought up just right so that the ramp aligns with the car deck door. Within a few minutes the Taku is all fast to the dock!

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