Wrangell in a snowy cloak.

Christmas Tree Lane

Part of Christmas Tree Lane in the Nolan Center.

Today, for the first time, I strolled down Christmas Tree Lane at the Nolan Center. What a journey of delights!  I let the delicate lights and enchanting decorations float me along. The creativity that went into the trees made me grin and it was such an uplifting experience that I had to share it with you. It is more than Christmas trees, and something that you should go experience, too.

The town pulls together on this event, and provides something nice to light your day. Yes, you can bid on the trees if you want one. There is more, though, as this event gives to all of the people involved.

Beautiful decorations adorn a tree in Christmas Tree Lane.

I talked with Jacquie Dozier, the organizer of Christmas Tree Lane, and she said that she wanted to express the “quiet beauty and loveliness of Christmas.”  Oh Jacquie, that sentiment is better than hot chocolate for making the season nice.  She also told me a short, but important story…

A very special time was had by some of the elves that helped set up Christmas Tree Lane. They showed up to volunteer, and ended up having so much fun that they wanted to stay and continue to decorate. They got so busy that this year’s Christmas Tree Lane fills more of the museum lobby than ever before. They also wanted to share the fun by bringing in more helpers, and said that next year they would bring friends.

A teddy bear Christmas Tree!

A tree that is going to make a young girl very happy!

When you go see Christmas Tree Lane you can vote on your favorite tree! There are People's Choice awards, so look all of the trees over and take a minute to put your choice into the ballot box.

As if you need another excuse to go, there are trees that will delight young people! Borrow the neighbor's kids and take them with you. Afterwards you can get them ice cream cones before taking them back to their homes. Okay, really you can take them sledding, because I know that you want to go sledding, too.

I just love handmade decorations, and there are so many along the lane that are extra special.

Lovely handmade ornaments.

Total coolness! Wheels everywhere!

Christmas Tree Lane is a fund raiser for Hospice of Wrangell and for other organizations and groups. Hospice is an all-volunteer organization that assists people during the last part of their life, helping with various tasks and providing comforting company. Hospice serves anyone in Wrangell.

The Nolan Center graciously provides cookies and coffee, as if you needed another reason to amble along Christmas Tree Lane! It is only at the Nolan Center until December 14th.

Hospice of Wrangell and Christmas Tree Lane are something seriously right with this town.

Happy Holidays, All!

Alaska Beachcomber