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How Photographers Effect Wildlife. Part 2, Bear


Yep, that exclamation can cause a range of emotions in humans. Bears are big, fast, scary, edible, prized trophies, and complicated. When a photographer shows up in bear territory it also makes for some contemplation in bears - especially when spring bear hunting season is still open.

So let's see what this particular bear is thinking...

"M-m-m! Photographer for lunch again!"

"Armed with a Canon. No problem."

"I'll practice my catlike stealth."

"That's plenty of that. Time to close in."

"Uh-oh, now I remember. The last photographer I ate gave me indigestion bad. All those additives and preservatives made me see spots. And I got a memory card stuck in my teeth."

"You're off the hook this time, Photographer. Let this be a lesson to you."

Relieved to be intact,

Alaska Beachcomber

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 Hey Folks,

After several people wrote in with concerns I feel that I should add a little P.S. on this post. It’s a story. (The “M-m-m, Photographer for lunch again!” line is supposed to set it up as somewhat silly.) While bears can be dangerous, this one never acted in a threatening way. I interrupted the bear’s backscratch-on-a-tree session. Despite that rude behavior on my part, the bear was polite, curious, and cautious. I was using a long lens, but the bear was concerned, so I was in it’s space - a mistake on my part.

A page on my other website about bear safety:

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And thanks for the fun comments!! Keep ‘em coming!