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Baby Squirrels Mobbed My Foot

Did you ever have the feeling that something is crawling up your leg? Now I've been working really hard on the boat, my work boots and jeans are getting pretty nasty, and I might be a little tired, but really....it feels like little squirrels are climbing up my jeans. It's my imagination, right?

Okay, here's the real deal. That man that I'm totally in love with glanced across Dad's lot and saw a little cluster of critters scurrying about. I ambled on over to see what was up, confident that whatever animals they were, they would surely split the scene before I got within phone camera range. Yeah, sorry about the image quality.

About the time I figured out that they were a troupe of baby squirrels they spotted me and dashed right over to compete in the denim tree climbing contest.

Then the little guys decided to play King of the Boot for awhile.

Just so I wouldn't think that I was so very special, they mobbed my guy's feet, too.

Friends came over to see what was up with the little guys. The youngsters were fine with two more pairs of feet to explore. They played happily while we stood around chatting.

Enjoy the video!

Cuteness in a five-pack!

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