Whether sifting through sand, or scrambling over a rocky shore, it's about finding treasures in every day. 

Huge Discovery in Alaska!

I've never seen one this big.

After spending some times in the woods I can get a little loopy. You know, start talking to myself, forgetting what day it is, maybe seeing things....?

So I was driving along a remote road recently, enjoying the beautiful Alaskan scenery, and suddenly there was this big....Thing. A huge green Thing.

I've been away from town too long.

What the...?

I've been away from my sweetheart too long!

I better get closer and see what this is.

Well dang, Andrea and Kris, Things aren't bigger in Texas! This Alaska Thing is about twelve feet tall!

Why do frozen vegetables come to mind?

I approached cautiously.

I noticed a slight dizziness as I got close to the towering Thing.





It has a door! Why would it have a door?? Oh, and I see some strange markings beside the door. Hieroglyphics. I'll see if I can translate.

After hours of trying to decipher the vertical symbols I took a deep breath, sighed, and cocked my head. Oh! The lettering is sideways. It says:

ALL PURPOSE Staying Power for Trolling, RV's,  and much, much more. DEEP CYCLE

Hmmm. Well, in boating 'deep cycle' refers to a marine battery....do you think that I am being naive?

Oh! The door is where you put the batteries in!

After returning to civilization I told a friend that I had seen something  unusual in the wilderness. She perked right up an said, "You mean the giant green [Thing]? Yeah, I saw that. I drive all the way out there to meditate. I just hope that they don't take it away anytime soon. I get goosebumps and start sighing every time I look at it." Then she suggested naming it "ATTENTION" because you know how ladies like attention.

Wishing you giggles and great discoveries at every turn in the road,

Alaska Beachcomber