Whether sifting through sand, or scrambling over a rocky shore, it's about finding treasures in every day. 

Doe in the Headlights

When the evening light goes down it's deer-thirty. They magically appear along the roadsides. Their big, dark eyes are big. And dark.

Okay, now turn your head.

Good job. Nice yearling profile.

Prince of Wales Island deer are pretty good about staying on the side of the road. Often staying right there as we drive past. Occasionally one trots across, so we keep an eye on them!

And the last of the light goes away...and the headlights come on...and the deer eyes light up!

The does are preggers, with babies due in about a month.

Recently back from a trip to Australia, Tillie tries on her best kangaroo impression.

Oh Dahling! Your eyes shine like emeralds!

Time to go!



Alaska Beachcomber

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