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It Has Been a Little Bit Chilly...

...so some of the critters are getting hungry. The eagles in this area finished up with their salmon feast a few months ago. The deer harvest has slacked off, so eagles are not putting on their bib at gut piles regularly.

Hungry season is here.

It is cold enough to see eagle breath.

Eagles are on the lookout for calories to turn into BTU's. Some nice, oily herring would be perfect.

This morning a seal was chasing a school of small fish around. Slushy skim ice was preventing the fish from jumping to try to escape the seal. The fish ran for a clear hole at the surface. As the seal drove them from below an eagle swooped down to pick up some take-out.

And eat it on the wing - which freed up it's talons for the next run.

A bald eagle ducks it's head to eat the fish that it just caught.

Sometimes it is a talon to beak existence.

So stay warm, y'all! And be thankful that you don't have to wait for a seal to herd food your way.

Alaska Beachcomber

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