Whether sifting through sand, or scrambling over a rocky shore, it's about finding treasures in every day. 

Ripples and Patterns

A boat transiting Zimovia Strait caught my attention today. It appears to be set up as a commercial fishing tender, and might be going to pick up tanner crab from the fishing boats in Ernest Sound or Clarence Strait.

Fishing tender under way.

The passage of one boat on a calm day allowed a clear view of it's wake and the ocean currents playing upon that pattern.

Click on the image to enlarge it - bigger looks better on this one.

Rippling patterns in the boat's wake.

The patterns remind me of Shibori. Shibori is a way of manipulating and dyeing fabric. Here are two examples of silk that I dyed using shibori techniques.

Shibori dyed Japanese kimono silk.

Shibori on silk.

The memory of the wrinkles that I created in the fabric were captured by the dye like a snapshot in time. It makes me contemplate each movement in life.

The ripples of our passage transmit out, behind us in time, but playing forward through their effect on those around us, to then reflect back upon us.

The crew aboard the boat is probably glad that it is a calm day. They might be looking forward to getting a full load of crab and returning to town to unload so that they can make a living. They provide some of the best food in the world for Sandra in Iowa or Kris in Texas to buy at the grocery store. The boat crew may be aware that the ripples of their passing through Zimovia Strait in Southeast Alaska create a beautiful pattern.

The place is immense, yet their imprint matters. Below is the same boat.

Zimovia Strait between Wrangell Island and Etolin Island, Southeast Alaska.

Sometimes the environs overwhelm the details!

The wake and reflections of our track can be rhythmic and clear.

Boat wake pattern.

Or they may be rendered upon confused waters.

Reflection of sunlit trees.

Our eyes and mind may struggle to find meaning in the pattern....

Squiggly reflection

...and then sigh in relief when the forest and the trees are clear.

Treeline reflection.

The wake of a passing boat could change the view.

I might compile the patterns and amplify them on silk.

Shibori on silk

Just because a boat went by.

And that gives sunshine and contrast to my life.

A ray of sunlight on Zimovia Strait and Etolin Island, Southeast Alaska.

I am raising a glass of sparkling apple cider to you finding your meaning in the patterns rippling across your life!

Alaska Beachcomber